Chocolate can prevent damage to the teeth !?!?

Chocolate Is Useful To Protect The Teeth Against Damage

Chocolate is the food that is not easily stale, because chocolate contains polyphenols as antioxidants that may prevent chocolate from stale. Cocoa beans contain alkaloids which causes a bitter taste. Having in mind that the benefits of chocolate are extremely diverse, a variety of processed cocoa continues to experience growth. Chocolate many processed into chocolate snack or a chocolate bar.

Chocolate Can Prevent Damage To The Teeth

Researchers have found that chocolate can prevent damage to the teeth. This was so successful in combating decay that scientists believe are several components that may one day be added to mouthwash or toothpaste. Studies have found that parts of cocoa beans, the main ingredient of chocolate, thwart mouth bacteria and tooth decay. Chocolate has anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and can be effective against plaque and other harmful agents.

Teeth Decay

Teeth decay occurs when bacteria in the mouth turns into acid, which damages the surface of the teeth and cause dental caries. Tooth must have acid producing bacteria around it to prevent the development of decay in the teeth, along with food to feed on the bacteria. Teeth that are susceptible to decay will have little or no fluoride in the enamel to fight plaque. Fluoride to prevent decay, although fluoride will not be able to do much if just once the decay has started to damage the teeth.

The lack of a habit to clean your teeth (brush teeth) will allow the plaque and tartar to build it around teeth and speed up the process of decay. Even though your mouth has many bacteria are always present, but only one type of course which will produce acids that ward off tooth decay.

Some people have active decay that is always happening in their mouths. People with active decay can easily be spread through eating, drinking from the same glass. Once the decay has settled in the tooth enamel, it will run very slowly. Once made it through to the second layer of the email, it will spread faster as the head of the pulp. Pulp is a vital area of ??the tooth, because it contains nerves and blood supply. This is where the pain will be most powerful, because the decay will start touch the nerves.

Pit or fissure decay is a decay that is a bit more serious, forming a narrow groove along the sides of the teeth for chewing. This went much faster, and can damage your teeth much faster than smooth decay. Because the groove is so narrow, it will be difficult to clean with a toothbrush on a regular basis. Even though you may brush your teeth regularly, this type of damage is difficult to prevented without going to the dentist for regular checkups and cleaning.

The last type of tooth decay, the decay of roots, starting at the root surface. This is usually the caused of dry mouth, a lot of sugar, or no dental care. Root decay is the most difficult to be prevented, and the most serious type of tooth decay. It can destroy teeth quickly, the affected tooth decay should be removed because there is no other choice.

Tooth decay is not a light matter, and should always be treated before it decay to spread and affect other teeth. If you are diligent in visiting the dentist for regular checkups and cleaning, you can usually prevent this from scratch.

Chocolate or not, you should always brush your teeth every day, and use mouthwash to kill bacteria!

Final Note:
Between all that chocolate delight don’t forget to come in for your regular checkups and cleaning.

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