Reach out to friends and family – Make the best of it!

Reach out to friends and family. Make-the-best-of-it!

Reach out to friends and family

Just because you are staying home doesn’t mean you are “shut off.” Lookup a list of friends—even people you haven’t had contact with for a while. Include family members as well. Start to email or text some of them that you would like to touch base with. In fact, calling people on the phone can really be an uplifting experience. So, think about taking that step and call some people. Video platforms are even better. Use Facetime, Skype or Zoom or other services to actually see each other, it’s like a virtual visit. Try to reach out to someone every day. Make the best of it!

Keep Good Oral Hygiene and Healthy Smiles!
If you have a dental emergency we are available to treat you, your family, friends or co-workers.  Please call our office at 480-948-1255.

Stay safe and be well.
Kathi M. Mansell, DMD, PC

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