Dentures & Partials

When you have missing teeth, you have quite a few options. One of the most trusted options that you can have is dentures. They come in partial sets, to fill in when you only have a few missing teeth, or complete dentures, which are used when you don’t have any of your natural teeth remaining. Getting dentures can help you eat the foods you like while maintaining the strength in your jaw after teeth have had to be removed. They can be a great option for those who are missing some, or all, of their natural teeth.

Who needs dentures?

After you have gotten to the point of not having any repair options for your damaged teeth, Dr. Mansell will not have any other option than to pull them. This will allow you to get dentures to replace the teeth that have gone missing. These false teeth can be put in when you need them, and taken out when you are sleeping to give your mouth the opportunity to heal.

Dentures are sometimes slightly uncomfortable when you are getting used to them or when they need slight adjustments, because even with dentures, your mouth continues to change.

Dentures allow you to have the ability to chew and speak like you did before you had missing teeth, minus a few foods that should be avoided with dentures, such as taffy or caramel. They are also a lot more affordable than most of the alternatives for missing teeth, such as dental implants. Plus, if you only have some missing teeth on the top or only on the bottom, a partial is the perfect way to fill in those gaps and give you back the ability to eat and speak like normal.

Maintaining Your Dentures

Partial dentures should be taken out and brushed whenever you brush your natural teeth. They will be held in place by some wire clasps that are fitted around the remaining natural teeth that you have, and typically do not move much while you are using your mouth like you normally would.

They must also be checked out when you are having your regular bi-annual checkups at our office. Dr. Mansell will check to make sure the anchor teeth are still healthy and strong, and also check to make sure that the partial does not need to be adjusted to fit better.

Complete dentures need to be removed and cleaned on a daily basis, not only to preserve the life of your dentures, but also to maintain the overall health of your mouth. You should soak your dentures overnight to ensure they are getting clean deep-down, and you should also brush them to make sure they are clean on all of the surfaces you would be biting and chewing with.

If you use a sheet or paste to keep your dentures in place, you should also make sure to remove that with each cleaning to make sure that your dentures are not harboring any type of bacteria the next time you put them into your mouth.

Dentures can be a huge help if you have missing teeth. If you only have one or two, you may do better with a dental bridge, but for those with more missing teeth than that, your best bet is going with some type of dentures. Call us today at (480) 948-1255 to setup and appointment.

Come in and see Dr. Mansell and let her look over your mouth. After an examination, she can tell you what your options are, and you can decide how you want to proceed. You do not need to live your life without being able to smile or eat your favorite foods, and dentures can help!